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students add up to an award-winning science project. veronique has the buzz. >> i have lived in jersey city for 14 years now, and i used to walk by these stone walls and wonder, "what's in there? why is it so important?" >> it was very important back a long time ago. for more than 100 years, reservoir number 3 provided drinking water to the town, but when it was no longer needed, it fell into disrepair. >> and the reservoir is, like, an abandoned place, and nobody really goes there. >> one of the reasons why people avoid the area is that it's infested with mosquitos, and the mosquitos were spreading, causing problems in the community. >> and what we found were mosquitos were breeding in trash cans around the reservoir. and we documented that, and we started thinking, "what can we do?" >> they came up with a simple plan with a simple name... >> water collects in trash cans like this one, and mosquitos lay their eggs in the water. in order to get rid of the mosquitos, we have to get rid of the water. so, we collect trash cans, we see if there's water in them, and we put a hole in it. [ drill
it's closer to the earth. as we learn in science class, the moon's orbit is not a perfect circle -- more like an oval. so as the moon travels, it actually moves closer or farther from the earth. the closest point is the perigee. the furthest is the apogee, so when a perigee moon rises, it's 14% bigger and 30% brighter than the other full moons, unless it's a cloudy night. >> "teen kids news" got a chance to visit the culinary institute of america and get some recipes and cooking tips. here's a taste of what we learned. >> when you get home from school, you're always looking for an afternoon snack. i'm gonna show you how to make a frozen peach smoothie that will boost your energy for your homework and your sports. the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna take ice, and we're gonna put it in the bottom of our blender. next, we're gonna take our fresh fruit. i have two sliced bananas. make sure we get all of that. and i have some canned peaches. next i'm gonna add my liquids. i have some low-fat yogurt here. and i like to use yogurt instead of ice cream to make it a little bit m
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2